Wednesday , September 18 2019
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Oregon May Start Exporting Its Marijuana to Other States


Oregon’s Craft Cannabis Alliance is in talks with state legislators regarding marijuana exportation. The alliance hopes to see exportation taking place by 2021. Senator Floyd Prozanski supports the move and has said he’ll include some provisions from SB 1042 regarding the issue.

In the state of Oregon, it is policy that marijuana grown in the state stays in the state, the Reno Gazette Journal says. The new legislation would require a few changes to the law. Oregon’s governor would have to work with the states that would receive the marijuana shipped from Oregon.

Adam Smith of the Craft Cannabis Alliance said, “There are plenty of markets that would be thrilled to have world-class cannabis. But prohibition keeps us from sending it to those markets.”

Of course, there are opponents out there, with Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) being one of the biggest.

Beau Whitney is a D.C. economist that has a different opinion. Whitney said, exporting “would either slow or stop the price declines, because there wouldn’t be any more excess.”

Whitney also said, “It would create more of a market in which quality and branding and other things would come into play more so than just pure price.”

Exports would be handled the same way as any other marijuana product in Oregon and would have the same regulations for testing, labeling and packaging. There would also be a 17% tax imposed on all out-of-state transactions.

Smith said, “When we do get to export, is there any ownership here, are we building wealth here, or are we just shipping money out-of-state? If you got to export tomorrow, and folks suddenly could get a fair price for their product, you’d still have a bunch of outside companies here, but you would have a relatively healthy ecosystem.”

Senator Prozanski said that he is open to the idea of combining his legislation with the alliance’s idea to come up with a compromise that may gain enough support to pass and become law. Oregon would only export to states that agreed to participate.