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Some Oregon Dispensaries Remove Vape Products from Shelves

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Following an alert issued by the Oregon Health Authority to avoid all vaping products, some Oregon marijuana dispensaries have chosen to remove vape products from their shelves.

The Oregon marijuana industry did ask retailers to review their vape products voluntarily and remove products that were remotely concerning, Mail Tribute reported.

Breeze Botanicals dispensaries pulled all vaping products from its shelves. Pharm to Table pulled some of their products that contained botanical additives as a precaution.

Pharm to Table employee Liz Salazar said, “None had Vitamin E on the label but we pulled them anyway.”

Kind Leaf Pendleton pulled 68 vape products from their line of 15 brands, also as a precaution.

Kind Leaf director of operations Erin Purchase said, “What would really hurt is having someone purchase a product and die from vaping. Safety is priority here.”

Vaping products are still available at Fireside dispensary as it has already checked to ensure that the products they carry don’t contain vitamin E oil or other additives.

David Leland, manager of Fireside Dispensary, said, “Everything we carry has no additives and only has cannabinoid-derived terpenes.”

Many of the steps being taken in Oregon are simply precautionary. Product safety is a priority for marijuana regulators and retailers statewide.