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Oregon Grocery Stores Can Now Legally Sell CBD Products

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On Aug 1, Oregon officially became the only West Coast state where CBD can legally be purchased at grocery stores. Oregon law doesn’t prohibit CBD from being included in food and beverages that is not sold at dispensaries. To change that law, it would require a legislative measure.

Some of the CBD-infused products available are flavored pet drops, water, turmeric morsels, honey sticks and cold brew coffee, according to Willamette Weekly. There are also supplements and health and beauty products featuring CBD available at some Oregon grocers.

Spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Agriculture Sunny Summers said, “Current state law says that hemp is not to be considered an adulterant in food.”

So far, there are no talks of changing the law. Even though the FDA has not cleared the path for CBD-infused food and drinks to be sold in regular retail stores, Oregon law was already in place prior to the FDA’s statement regarding CBD in food and drinks.