Saturday , July 20 2019
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Oregon Takes Action to Shrink Black Market Marijuana

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is taking necessary steps to crackdown on the state’s black market. Cultivators now have to notify the OLCC of harvests in advance. The necessary officials are then permitted to visit the fields to ensure that the plants are going where they’re supposed to.

The commission is also working hard to keep marijuana out of the hands of minors, according to OPB. Any worker that is caught selling to minors will lose their state marijuana worker permit. The new rules are part of the normal business operations for OLCC.

OLCC Commission Chair Paul Rosenbaum said, “Today’s action holds individuals with marijuana worker permits as responsible as our licensees because it puts in jeopardy their right to work in the legal cannabis industry. However, it’s a privilege — not a right — to hold a license. We want to be in a position to take stronger action against those who don’t take the privilege of their license seriously, and will be addressing strengthening our sanctions in an upcoming session.”

Executive Director Steve Marks said, “At the same time it serves a very important function to preserve the integrity of our regulated market to keep what’s produced by the regulated market in the regulated market. That is exactly why we have worked hard with industry, law enforcement and public officials to make this a rule that can bring a sense of transparent accountability to the harvest.”

Sting operations began in 2017 to target those selling to minors. As a result of new rules, compliance regulations were improved and fines for infractions were increased.