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Oregon Growers Have December 1st Deadline for Licensing

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Those growing, processing or owning a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon have a decision to make by December 1. They must decide whether to keep their licensing through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) or register with the new Cannabis Tracking System. Those growing medical marijuana for their own use (with 12 or fewer mature and 24 or fewer immature plants) are exempt.

Much of Oregon’s medical marijuana industry has shifted to recreational sales, according to The Bulletin. Medical marijuana cards cost patients a few hundred dollars in Oregon. A large amount of the medical marijuana patient base has chosen not to renew their cards and purchase from the recreational market.

In Bend, there are 22 recreational marijuana retailers. Statewide, Oregon only has 20 medical marijuana dispensaries now.

Mark Pettinger, spokesperson for the OLCC Recreational Marijuana Program, said, “We’re going to have to track everything in our system.”

Medical marijuana dispensaries wishing to switch to OLCC licensing don’t have to give up their current licensing. They can keep their current licensing until their new licensing is approved. Senate Bill 1057 requires the tracking system and requires produced and transferred marijuana to be done so within the new tracking system.

The seed-to-sale tracking system is an attempt to keep marijuana produced and manufactured in Oregon inside state lines and out of the black market.

Those that want to stay in the medical marijuana program have to pay a $480 fee. Those wanting to switch have to have completed applications submitted to OLCC by January 1. Now, medical marijuana businesses not indicating which license they want to keep/obtain won’t have their licenses renewed.

Plantae Health is the only Central Oregon medical marijuana dispensary registered with OHA. In June 2015, Prineville (where Plantae Health is located) City Council voted to ban recreational marijuana.