Saturday , May 25 2019
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Oregon Implements New Regulation for All Marijuana Harvests

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Oregon’s outdoor marijuana cultivators must now notify the state when their harvests are planned. The new regulation took effect on September 1. This is another step the state has taken to try to thwart black market sales from occurring.

When the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is notified of an upcoming harvest they are permitted to watch the harvest take place, KTVL News 10 reports. Not everyone is happy with the new regulation. Stacy Gilbert of Emerald Triangle Dispensary calls it a bureaucratic hurdle.

Gilbert said, “Every plant has to be tagged as it’s growing in the ground. Everything is completely tracked. They already know which plants are entering in the system. I feel like it’s a very unneeded rule at this point.”

Gilbert also speculates that the regulation is being used to target a specific portion of the state where there are more outdoor cultivation spaces – Southern Oregon.

Some of the state’s farmers contend that the high licensing fees paid by cultivators would make them comply and not partake in the black market.