Wednesday , December 19 2018
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Bend Company Makes a Marijuana-Infused ‘Healthful Superfood’


Lux Edibles offers cinnamon bun flavored almond butter at 150 dispensaries throughout Oregon. The Bend-based operation plans to expand to 360 dispensaries. There are also plans to add two more flavors and a squeezable option for single use in the early spring.

Lux products are made in a commercial kitchen located in Portland, according to Bend Bulletin. The product is said to provide a smoother and longer high. The staff includes a diet writer, a dispensary owner, an inventor and a “money guy.”

Bryan Azur of Lux Edibles said, “It’s a healthful superfood. We have a product that is healthy and has THC that can last six to eight hours. Consumers find healthy edibles a lot more palatable.”

Edibles in Oregon are required to have no more than 5mg of THC per serving, with a maximum of 50mg per container.

Adam Smith of the Craft Cannabis Alliance said, “Edibles themselves are quite popular. With the oils, people can prepare foods and create cannabis-infused meals. We’re at a moment where everything is new. People have been cooking with cannabis for generations. It’s an industry where people at the moment are pushing the limits and testing the market.”

Mark Pettinger of OLCC says that 69 of the state’s 146 licensed marijuana producers make edible products.

According to Azur, the infused almond butter’s high lasts longer due to the fat in the product. The recipe is paleo diet friendly.

Azur said, “Mixing THC with the fats came from the paleo side. It gives a way better effect. This is really unique, really different. It could replace pain pills or sleeping pills for people.”

The cost of a jar of the infused almond butter ranges in price between $20 and $30, depending on the size of the container. When the single-dose squeeze bottles enter the market, they should retail for about $4 each.

Nick Harshell of High Grade Organics and Lux Edibles said, “We tell customers to just eat a little bit at first. We tell them to read the packaging and to know your limit.”