Tuesday , June 18 2019
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Oregon to Begin Sharing Information About Illegal Marijuana Grows


The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) announced that it will share information regarding illegal marijuana grows. The OLCC commented that it’s good news for the legal growers that entered into the system.

Brie Malarkey, owner of 3 marijuana businesses, claims to have seen posts for marijuana sales on Craigslist, according to KTVL 10 News. She also claims that some agricultural workers maintain employment with illegal operations for the money. They’re paid in cash, so they avoid paying income tax.

Malarkey, said, “There is a role for state police to be able to help enforce. I think it’s great [that OSP and the OLCC are] going to be working together. We need to be able to prove to Washington D.C. that all the agencies and private people like myself can work together to build a great program for our state.”

Regarding Craigslist sales, Malarkey said, “If you’re going to build this program, you’re going to need to enforce it. I have to charge a 20-percent tax on all cannabis to go through the state. Is it fair that people can buy cannabis on Craigslist or work outside of the legal system?”

Malarkey also said, “It can be challenging when we’re trying to find farm workers. We’re offering workers compensation, we pay their social security and federal taxes, and people say ‘oh I can make more money at this farm under the table.’ They don’t realize that if they get injured there’s no repercussions. If illegal activities happen, something could happen. I think for workers’ rights, we need to bring people out of the black market into the legal market.”