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Oregon May Soon Have a Marijuana-Friendly Lakefront Resort

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“Smoke on the Water” is the vision of Wayne Zallen, who purchased Lake Selmac Resort and wants to make it the state’s first 420-friendly campground. If the necessary approvals come through Zallen’s dream will become reality.

The campground would feature a community center for campers to use marijuana in, according to Statesman Journal. Zallen would love to gain approval for another business to operate a dispensary on the campgrounds. He has some big plans, such as a stage for concerts, custom tee-pees and spa treatments.

The all-in-one vacation spot would include yoga classes and would host various events.

How is this type of business allowed? Oregon state law allows marijuana use on private property, and the campgrounds would be on private property.

He said, “We’re looking at doing a national footprint. You have to get started somewhere. To the best of my knowledge it’s the first pot-friendly campground.”

Renters of cabins on the property recently were happy that they could relax and smoke on property if they wanted to.

Resort manager Nick Rush said, “We’ve been trying to spread the word. Everybody seems excited.”

Boat rental is also a big possibility for the property. If he can gain approvals for docks and a boathouse, he’ll be quick to get boat rental services going quickly.

So far, the response is positive. The Josephine County Board of Commissioners and the Parks Department both seem to be on board with the idea. An upcoming public meeting will determine the approval or denial of Zallen’s lease.

Commissioner Simon Hare said, “If we can put the appropriate provisions in the lease agreement, we should be fine.”

Some of the provisions include no marijuana use on county property. There would be no use allowed on boat ramps, on the water or on three specific county campgrounds around Lake Selmac.

Parks Manager Sarah Wright said, “If they manage this property they could probably do very well. I’m a little concerned about how this may affect our campgrounds, but he’s working with me.”

Zallen has proven to be a successful ganjapreneur as his Grow Condos have sold out in Eagle Point with demand reaching into Eugene.

Regarding his Josephine County venture, he said, “I think the community so far has received us very well. I want to be a good neighbor out there and do right by Josephine County.”